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An Arizona Charter School

Now Enrolling for Summer and Fall Classes!

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Our Mission

Arizona Preparatory Academy is an alternative high school serving students that are behind in credits, that strives to blend core education with technology to prepare students for career and college success.

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The vision for Arizona Preparatory Academy is one of high academic achievement for all students within a safe learning environment and to equip students for the choices and challenges of living and working in an ever changing, fast paced, technological society.



• High academic achievement for all learners.
• Help Students who are behind in credits catch up.
• Create and maintain a safe and orderly campus.
• Work to assure that students meet, or exceed, the academic standards set forth by the state of Arizona and Arizona Prep.
• Establish and foster a strong and positive bond with the parents and families that comprise our community.
• Model and teach the attributes of integrity, self-discipline, perseverance, honesty, and respect for other people and the environment.


Individualized Support

Arizona Preparatory Academy is different from other charter schools in the West Valley because we offer individualized support from day one.  You have access to classes 24/7, any where in the world.  You also get tutoring, one on one teaching, and even traditional lessons in one of our break-out rooms.

Growth Now and For  Later

It’s simple. We individualize a course of study for you and your goals!  While we prepare you for college or a trade school, we also offer electives, internships, and training to help you get employed on your schedule.  Our current IT intern, for example, will graduate college with the skills, job history, and certifications to make over $40,000 a year.

College Bound and AP Programs

All schools offer some form of AP program, ours includes Art, Academics, and Citizenship.  This allows our students to graduate with impressive skills and credentials colleges are looking for.  Not only can you take AP courses, but you get discounts on future college enrollment with our partnerships!

Campus Hours

Our highly praised learning center is open most days of the year from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM.  We are traditionally closed on the weekends to support community events, allow time for infrastructure improvements, and other activities.  Summer hours will be different.  To learn about these times and days, call us a (623) 907-2661 option 1.

Getting To Us

We are a 35 minute car ride from anywhere in the valley!  From Phoenix take the 10, Westbound to L.A. and merge on to the 101-North.  Exit left on Indian School and we are only a block away.  Look for the flag, you’ll see us from the freeway.

Campus Tours

We are more than happy to schedule campus tours of our learning center with parents, group-home administrators, and other organizations.  Please reach out with requests at (623) 907-2661.


Hybrid Courses

Arizona Preparatory Academy offers hybrid online, in-person, traditional courses.  We use highly qualified teachers to support students through an online curriculum.  This curriculum is often supplemented or replaced with in-person one-on-one tutoring or teaching, as well as regular classroom teaching.  In addition to your activities in the building, our curriculum is available at any time, online, from around the world.  Many students find this to be a great option for credit recovery, graduating early, or preparing for life by going to college earlier!

Available Now

We are constantly enrolling students to our site-based program.  You have the option of completing your enrollment online or in-person.  Prior to starting your classes, you will have an intake with one of our administrators to make sure that we develop an Individualized Learning Plan specifically based on your goals and interests.  After that, the rest is a piece of cake!

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Technology Services

Arizona Prep. runs the most advanced computer-based learning lab in the state of Arizona.  We have some of the fastest wired networking possible and a new wireless mesh AP system that allows students with laptops to travel without losing signal or connection.  We also offer support for students who want to work at home!  Students are welcome to schedule a time to bring in their laptop and receive free IT support.  We don’t want anything to stand between you and your diploma.

Campus Lab

Our lab hosts the most robust and advanced computing technology ever deployed in an Arizona charter school.  In addition to outside hosting services, we host our own content pieces, making lessons and activities load in less than a second!  We are also in the process of developing a lab for students wishing to learn about programming, computer repair, and networking.  This will eventually lead to certification as an A+, Network+, and Security+ technician.

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Student Advisory

Student Advisory is Arizona Preparatory Academy’s version of Student Council.  Members of the SAC have planned fundraisers, trips to California (yay Six Flags!!), and even Prom.  Our SAC members represent the student body to the administrative team, are included in the selection of classes, and have input on everything done at Arizona Prep.  Without this dedicated team we would be just an average school.  Thanks Frank, Josh, Emily, Misael, Angel, Dashawnee, and Uness!

Health and Wellness

In response to student concerns about weight, peer pressure, and emotional distress Arizona Prep. began offering the student wellness club in 2016.  This club serves as a venue for self-improvement and realization.  We understand that the social aspects of high school can be difficult, so this group of students works together to develop a positive school culture based on healthy living, healthy choices, and respect for their bodies, minds, and emotions.