District Information

North Star is a publicly funded school district providing a safe and effective learning environment for your child.  Our schools and district are non-profit.  This is a rare statement in the Arizona charter world, and we are proud to be here to support our community in sustainable and selfless manner.


We are a computer-based school, currently using the Edgenuity Learning System. Edgenuity is 100% aligned to Arizona State Academic Standards. We do not focus on a traditional classroom model, but a traditional model is available for students who prefer more structure. We have highly qualified teachers in all core subjects available to assist students when help is needed. We also allow the student to focus on one class at a time allowing him/her to complete a one semester class in 3 to 4 weeks.
North Star utilizes data-based decision making skills and analytics to manage the trust our community has given us, educating the future.